"The tree of life" – it is the most common name of the walnut because it had fed, treated and restored the forthfulness of man. Walnut is probably the most unique and the brightest representative of the plant community, the plant in which all the parts have high biologically active properties. Ripe nuts are good not only as food, but as a highly active drug. Their caloric content is 2 times higher than the caloric content of white bread premium. They are recommended for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, of vitamins deficiency, deficiency of salts of cobalt and iron in the body.

Walnuts contain vitamins A, E, B, P, C, minerals (potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium, iodine). In addition, the walnut is a wonderful source of protein, which may well replace animal proteins.

Nut is making a significant contribution to the green pantry, which contributes to a highly efficient treatment of the human body from many ailments. It is known as an excellent remedy in many countries.

Many centuries ago a famous physician Avicenna stated that the nut is an effective drug for treating many diseases. In his writings, he recommended walnut for restoring forces to victims of starvation, and chopped nuts and honey are suitable for the treatment of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis.

Oriental medicine says that the nut strengthens the brain, heart and liver. According to the treatises of ancient medicine combined use of walnut kernels with the milk has a positive effect on health status and is highly effective for neutralizing and removing harmful substances from the body.

We offer walnut grown in the clean natural environment, where there are no mills and factories to pollute the air. The climate of Budjac steppe is beneficial to the vegetation of this crop in the south of Moldova, Gagauzia.

Walnut is packed in mesh bags, about 30 kg each and stored in a well ventilated area with the  temperature regime required.


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