Sheep skins

In all countries, the skins of sheep were used in daily life since ancient times; rugs, warm clothing and footwear were made of them, they were used to warm homes and as a shelter for the night. Those who happened to catch a cold were wrapped in sheep's clothing  and then  it was much easier to cope with the disease.

Clothes made of sheepskin helps to keep heat in the coldest weather, at the same time you can wear such clothes in a warm room without being afraid to sweat because sheepskin perfectly absorbs moisture remaining dry.

Sheep skins have a special power and the therapeutic effects on the body and soul.

At the time of acceptance our experts inspect thoroughly the sheep skins for quality. After that they are put on the table, where they are immediately conserved (profusely rubbed with salt). Then the skins are placed on trays, doubled up, thus, giving the skin the possibility to bring out all the natural impurities.

All sheep skins are sorted by species (lamb, sheep) and size.

Dimensions lamb skins from 25 to 40 dm;
from 40 to 65 dm.

Dimensions sheepskins from 50 to 60 dm;
from 60 to 110 dm.


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