Fleece is a unique natural material, which not only warms in the cold, but also gives shade in the heat. Clothing, pillows, blankets, mattresses, made from natural wool "breathe" and allow your body to breathe. It has been known  since olden times about the healing properties of wool. Being a good conductor of heat, it treats radiculitis, arthritis and other diseases.

Collection of wool is carried out without killing animals, which makes it possible to obtain valuable material with all its useful properties. Wool taken from sheep breed "Gypsies" is a thin (25-32 micron) wool, which is obtained by shearing it off the sheep's neck.

Wool staple length is of 60 - 100 mm.

Output of clean (washed) wool - 65% or more.

The presence of vegetable contaminant - up to 5%.

Wool color - natural white (yellowing of up to 1.2 length).

All the wool is passed through a sorting table (grid), where our sorters separate the lower grades (rev, obnozhka, klyunker) of Runecloth wool. After careful examination of wool it is pressed into bales of 90 - 120 kg.each.

Bale Size: 80*80*100 cm.

Each bale is wrapped with polypropylene thread or steel wire.

At the last stage the bales are packed in polyethylene film.


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