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«CHENTAVR-EXIM» LLC is one of the largest exporters of fleece and lamb and sheep skins in Moldova.

The company was founded in 1993, on their own areas was established an enterprise on the harvesting and grading of fleece and sheepskins. Extensive experience in the industry allows the company to be in the European markets and in the CIS countries for many years. In its work and production of LLC«CHENTAVR-EXIM» adheres to international standards concerning conservation of hides and skins and wool sorting.

Storage facilities, total area of which is 2500 thousand square meters, located on 1 hectare of land, are equipped according to European standards.

The staff of the LLC «CHENTAVR-EXIM» consists of experienced workers, for whom quality of raw materials is the key to professionalism.

Our company is open for investment projects in the processing of wool and skins, as well as to enter into and establish long-term business contracts.

At present, our company has passed the certification of the European Association of Veterinary TRACES (Brussels) at No. MD-55.


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